First Time At The Range & The Basics

Short version – please watch at least the first video below.

We want everyone that comes to the shop to have a fun, relaxed, and safe time. We have created the videos below to let you know what to expect when you come to the range and to make sure you have an understanding of what is expected of you and others to make sure our range is as safe as possible. Our rules and expectations may be different than other ranges, so even if you have shot elsewhere please watch the first video below. If you have any questions before you come you are welcome to contact us. When you are at the range our staff will walk you through the basics including the range rules and are happy to answer questions as you shot if something comes up.

If you have never shot before, our Intro to Archery Class, Try Archery Events, and Archery Experience are great ways to try archery and include basic training on how to shot a bow. If you want something beyond the basics a personal lesson is a great fit.

Suggested viewing for everyone coming to our range.
Includes a basic walkthrough on what to expect on the range.
The Genesis is our standard rental bow and is also used for our Archery Experience and Intro Classes. This video covers the basics of it and how to shoot it.

If you are newer to archery our Archery 101 series is a great place to get started.