Average Joes JOAD Club

Average Joes JOAD is a club that features both a youth JOAD and an Adult Achievement program. We have knowledgeable coaches who are ready to help you meet your goals whatever they may be. 

We pride ourselves on treating all of our archers equally. Our goal is to help our youth and adults to grow, both as an archer and in life. Average Joes JOAD Club strives to create a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for all of our archers to accel in.

Our JOAD program is set up to accommodate the needs of both recreational and competitive shooters while keeping all of our archers part of the Average Joes JOAD Team.

Our sessions run for 12 weeks shooting on Monday nights and we offer 3 sessions per year. The fall and winter sessions are shot indoors at Average Joes Archery. For the summer session, we use the Bunker Hills outdoor range.

We welcome archers of all levels and offer rental options for those who don’t have their own equipment.

Our Novice program is for youth and adult archers. If you are new to JOAD, this is the group for you. This group is designed to help archers of all ability levels earn their first 4 pins. We offer both a Monday and Tuesday (Fall & Winter sessions ONLY) night option with a start time of 5:15. Once you have earned your white pin, you are eligible for the Advanced group.

Our Advanced group is designed to help youth and adult athletes earn their black pin and higher. These pins are harder to achieve and require added attention to detail. This group is available Monday nights at 7:00.

Archers over the age of 21 have a choice between shooting on Monday or Tuesday nights with our youth JOAD shooters at 5:15, or Tuesday (Fall & Winter sessions ONLY) at 7:00 for our Adult Achievement group. Our Tuesday night program offers the same training and structure as the Monday night program, but the training is geared toward participants 21 and older.

Have you been in a JOAD program for a year or more? Have you earned your yellow pin or higher? If so, our Elite club might be a better fit for you. Administration approval is required to participate in this group. Please check with a staff member before registering.

All shooters must complete an application form in-store. Application forms for minors must be completed by a parent or guardian.

All athletes must have a USA Archery membership to participate in this program. Memberships start as low as $15 per year and can be purchased at USA Archery. We are happy to help with this process and will have someone available to walk you through it on the first night of each session.

This league is limited to 30 participants per group for each session.

All youth shooters must have a youth waiver on file.