Monday’s – JOAD Club
($150-$250 for 12 weeks)
Adult 360 Spot Target League
($125 for 12 weeks)
Wednesday’s – Youth League
(10 weeks, $80 for Spot League, $100 for Combo League)
Home School League – Every Other Mon. or Wed.
($60.00 for 10 weeks)
Thursday’s – Individual 3D Bowhunters League
($125.00 for 12 weeks)
Friday’s – Team 3D Bowhunters League
($100.00 each for 12 weeks)

3D targets for youth combo league are set up by 5 pm on Wednesday and 5 pm on Thursday through 5 pm on Friday for 3D Hunter League, target leagues start at 5 pm, JOAD starts at 6:30 pm, and home school leagues start at 2 pm.

All leagues include a banquet party at the end of each league. Please use the links above to sign up for your league.

We run leagues each quarter (starting in January, April, July, and October).

View current league scores online: