Team 3D League

NOTE – this league is offered in our winter session only.

Each Thursday and Friday we set up our range with 30 3D foam targets (ranging from 10-30 yards), trees, and other obstacles. The league is scheduled for 12 weeks of shooting with a banquet and prizes at the end.

Individual 3D league is normally shot on Thursday nights and Team 3D league is normally shot on Friday nights. The 3D range is normally set up from 5:30 pm on Thursdays through close on Friday.

Current Team 3D Scores

3D Range/League Rules:

  • 1 arrow per animal per lane max
  • Multiple rounds can be shoot in a single night (no more then 2 weeks ahead)
  • Arrows must be a hunting style arrow (no bigger then .312″ OD)
  • No Range finders
  • Binoculars recommended
  • No magnifying lenses allowed in sights (clarifying and verifying peeps are allowed)
  • Adjustable sights are allowed
  • No pin limit on fixed pin sights
  • All bow styles are allowed
  • Stabilizers have no restrictions

Adult 3D Team League – $100.00 per shooter
Weekly Option
League Member Fee – $25.00 per shooter
Weekly League Fee  – $10.00 per shooter

Equipment Rental is available
Weekly – $10.00  per shooter
Season  – $80.00 per shooter