Individual 3D League

Each Thursday we set up our range with 30 3D foam targets (ranging from 10-40 yards), trees and other obstacles. The league is scheduled for 12 weeks of shooting with a banquet and prizes at the end. The 3D range is normally setup starting at 3 pm on Thursdays.

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3D Range/League Rules:

  • 1 arrow per animal per lane max
  • Multiple rounds can be shot in a single night (no more than 2 weeks ahead)
  • Arrows must be a hunting style arrow (no bigger than .312″ OD)
  • No Rangefinders
  • Binoculars recommended
  • No magnifying lenses allowed in sights (clarifying and verifying peeps are allowed)
  • Adjustable sights are allowed
  • No pin limit on fixed pin sights
  • All bow styles are allowed
  • Stabilizers have no restrictions

Adult 3D League – $125.00

Weekly Option

League Member Fee – $25.00

Weekly League Fee  – $10.00

Equipment Rental is available

Weekly – $10.00

Season  – $80.00

We run leagues each quarter. This league is limited to 40 participants per season.