Big Buck Weekend 3D results

We had 22 shooters for our first annual Big Buck Weekend.  We had allot of fun and look forward to next year.  Thanks to all the shooters and visitors for making Big Buck Weekend a success. 

We had a drawing for prizes and the winners are as follows.  Please stop into the shop to pick up your prize.

1Ron Hamrich334Bowtech Hat
2Andy Grinde328Can Cooler
3Aaron Heofs311Bowtech Hat
4Andrew Propst298Can Cooler
5Danny Dick293Ross Hat
6Ron Hamrich289$20 Gift Certtificate
7Dave Miller286Can Cooler
8Robert Kohanek285Bowtech Hat
9Scott Schell284Average Joes Hat
10Vaughn Nelson282Can Cooler
11Donnie Sabby275Bowtech Hat
12Kirk Rasmussen271Can Cooler
13Pete Coughlin265Can Cooler
14Steve Sorgentrei263Average Joes Beanie
15Ron Broz261Ross Hat
16Deon Guinn261Average Joes Hat
17Doug Benoit231Ross Hat
18Michael Dougherty204$10 Gift Certificate
19Grant Stenback142Ripcord Hat
20Cassie Benoit68Pink Ross Hat
21Jody Denny55Average Joes Beanie
22Benjamin Schell41Strother hat
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