Big Buck Weekend Trophy Scores

MOM (Minnesota Official Measures) were on hand and we had 23 trophies brought in.  The MOM measures all north American big game animals.  The MOM had both Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett measures on hand.  Several species of animals were brought in including whitetail, mule deer, and moose.  Next year we hope to have even more trophies.

The scores are as follows.  We randomly drew for prizes.  The prize list will be updated ASAP.


Gary HouseTyp. Whitetail154 1/8
R.J. OlsonTyp. Whitetail143 5/8
Todd LuttmanTyp. Whitetail137 1/8
Dave ThompsonTyp. Whitetail136 5/8
Travis NessTyp. Whitetail136 5/8
Gary HouseTyp. Whitetail134 4/8
Andrew PropstTyp. Whitetail121 7/8
Jeff FladeboTyp. Whitetail121 3/8
Todd LuttmanTyp. Whitetail121 2/8
Andy GrindeTyp. Whitetail117 7/8
Dan AmundsonTyp. Whitetail110 1/8
Joe CaminatiTyp. Whitetail99 4/8
Dave ThompsonTyp. Whitetail94 6/8
Erone StoelkelWhitetail Shed111 6/8
Mike KohankWhitetail Shed106 4/8
Kelsey WoodWhitetail Shed68 6/8
Eva WoodWhitetail Shed62 7/8
Greg KottsickWhitetail Shed53 7/8
Vaughn NelsonWhitetail Found Skull149 2/8
Mike BealMule Deer154 6/8
Gary HouseMule Deer150 7/8
Susan BealMule Deer149 3/8
Steve HolterMoose135   
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