Customer Appreciation Days at Average Joes Archery

Stop by this weekend for our customer appreciation days on Saturday and Sunday.

Average Joes Archery would like to thank all of our customers for a supporting us. As a show of our appreciation we are offering the following this weekend:

  • Free Open Shooting on the Range
    Rental equipment subject to availability and rental fees.
  • Free Kid’s Shoot
    Win a free archery lesson.
  • TechnoHUNT Tournament
    $10 to enter with over $250 in prizes for the top 3 shooters as well random drawing winners. Full details listed at the shop.
  • Sporting Goods Garage Sale
    Bring in your used sporting goods to sell. Rental a table for $25 for the week and sell your own items or put it on consignment for a 10% fee.
  • Educational Demos
    – How to buy a bow
    – String and bow maintenance
    – Arrow fletching and building
    – Food plots and minerals
  • Pet a Baby Deer

We will be open for you to stop from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for stopping by.


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