Fun for the kids

One of our goals is to make sure we have a family friendly environment at Average Joes Archery. It is nice to hear from others that we are making that happen. Here is what Lollipopolis had to say:

After seeing my pal Clara’s photos from Average Joe’s Archery, I just had to find out more. (I’m nosey that way.) Bows and arrows. Turns out they’re not just for shooting apples off heads.

Don’t be put off by all the cute furry animals on the website. Average Joe’s offers classic bullseye targets too. The shooting ranges go out to 40 yards, but newbies can hone their shots at the 10-yard range (after a brief lesson). Clara scored a great Groupon deal, but you can find the everyday rates here. And they do birthday parties too! (May want to cross you-know-who off the invite list.) Shooters must be at least 7 years old and wear closed-toe shoes.

And I’ll bet there’s a certain little someone who’s just achin’ to go all William Tell.

Thanks for the kind words Amy!

Just an FYI, if you looking to stop by and give shooting a try our Archery Experience for Two is a great value and currently on sale. Includes all equipment rental and a pizza and pops.

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