Meet El Blanco Loco

Our new Standing Polar Bear Rinehart Target.

Meet El Blanco Loco (stop by and ask Andy where the name came from, it was his idea, well mostly…). He is one of our two new 3D targets that we added this week. With the addition of him and the Wolverine our 3D target range is now completely Rinehart targets. Our 30 target 3D range is complete with trees and other challenges including a moving target and is setup on Thursdays and Fridays for our hunter leagues. Our 3D targets are also available for open shooting ($10 per round) or as part of our Hunter’s Tune Up Package.

Our fall leagues will be starting in October. They are limited to 30 shooters per league, so sign up now to secure your spot in our 3D Hunter League or 3D Team League.

Our new Rinehart Wolverine target.

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