Peep Sights by Specialty Archery now in stock.

Average Joes Archery is always looking to help you improve your shooting. Sometimes that means improving your equipment to better suit the type of shooting you are doing and the results you are trying to achieve. One of the more affordable equipment areas to upgrade is your peep sight. To assist with that Average Joes Archery is now carrying a full line of peep sights, verifiers, clarifiers and apertures from Specialty Archery.

For basic information on choosing a Specialty Archery Peep and options their FAQ page (quote below is a small selection from it) does a good job of explaining the basics. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have (including the basics…) and help walk you through the options with our full aperture, clarifier and verifier display to allow you to try out different options and make sure you have the best setup for your needs.

Q: How do I know if I need a Verifier or a Clarifier?
A: A Verifier is used when you shoot with pins to clear up the pins, and a Clarifier is used when you shoot with a scope and a lens to clear up the target.

Q: What is a Clarifier?
A: A Clarifier is a lens installed in the peep that will allow you to see the target clearly. Clarifiers are used if you shoot with a scope and a lens. Clarifiers are meant for 2 lenses to work together.

Q: What is a Verifier?
A: A Verifier is a lens installed in the peep that will allow you to see the pins clearly. It will not clear up your target. The verifier works similar to reading glasses and is made for older shooters who have difficulty seeing objects at close distances.



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