Virtual Hunting Experience

NOTE, you are booking your check-in time only. Sessions are a total of 2 hours.
This system will only be removed as of 2/28. All bookings must be completed by then. 



Our Virtual Hunting Experience for 2 includes range time, rental equipment, 30 minute TechnoHunt shoot, and sodas for 2 people. Shooters start with learning the range rules and a basic archery instruction that lasts 20-30 minutes. Once shooters are comfortable with their aim, typically after about 1 hour of practice, they can test their luck with a 30 minute TechnoHunt virtual hunting session. The TechnoHunt offers 764 different hunting scenes to test your skills.

All beginning shooters will be started with the Genesis compound bow. Shooters can advance to a hunting style compound bow with repeat visits. Total experience lasts for about 2 hours.

NOTE, once you book your time a staff member will review your chosen time to make sure space is available in our TechnoHUNT system at the end of your chosen 2-hour block. If there is not space available our staff will contact you to help find another time for your booking.

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