We love supporting people as they make archery a lifelong sport. To help make that more affordable at Average Joes Archery we offer memberships.

Purchase a Membership

Memberships benefits include:

  • Free open shooting up to once a day. Additional range time will be permitted but must be given up if range space is needed for another paying customer. New target faces will be paid for in full by the member.
  • 20% discount on all services purchased.
  • 20% discount on additional range services. Services include leagues, 3D course, punch cards, and additional shooting for family members.

Membership costs (+ tax):

  • Single Membership $29.99 per month
  • Couple Membership $39.99 per month
  • Family Membership $49.99 per month
  • Monthly payments will be set up as an automatic draft on a credit or debit card each month.
  • Membership contracts must be completed in full before membership benefits will apply.
  • After the 20th of the month, the member contract will begin the following month.

Member rules:

  • Members must abide by all range rules.
  • Members must follow all staff instructions.
  • Members will treat all of Average Joes Archery property with respect.
  • Any members in violation of the above rules will be given 1 warning.  After a warning, if the member violates the rules a 2nd time the membership benefits will be suspended without a refund for 30 days.  If rules are violated a 3rd time the membership will be terminated with no refunds.

Membership Suspension:

A member may suspend their membership one time per calendar year for up to 3 months. During the suspension, no membership fees will be deducted from their account. The member will receive no member benefits during the suspension.

Membership Cancelation:

A member may cancel the membership at any time, however, no refunds will be offered.

All cancelations must be done from your account page.

The cancelation month is the month of the final payment.  Effective at the end of the cancelation month all membership benefits will be eliminated.  The member will be granted all benefits of their membership until the end of the cancelation month.