Shop Services

Average Joes Archery is a full service bow shop. We are happy work on all makes and models of bows. Pricing is shown below for our most common services. Feel free to contact us for more information or for a quote on a specific service.

We include free setup and tuning for all new bow purchases and free setups on equipment purchases (sights, arrow rests, etc.).

If you buy here, we don’t charge to set it up.

 Most Common Shop Services

New Bow Purchased from Average Joes Archery
Complete Bow Tune and Setup


New Equipment Purchased from Average Joes Archery
Install and Setup (Sights, Arrow Rest, etc.)


Bow Setup & Tune
(mount equipment, adjust as needed, D-Loop, paper tune, etc.)


Basic Bow Tune
(paper tune, string condition, inspection/safety check)


Complete Bow Tune
(paper tune, string condition, inspection/safety check, tear down with clean/lube)


Hunter’s Tune Up
(Visual Safety Inspection of Your Bow, String Wax, Paper Tune (6 Shots), Complete Round of Shooting on our 3D Coarse (30 Targets), 12 Shots at Broadhead Target , 1 Pop)

$39.99Add to cart

Paper Tune


Shoot Chronograph
(includes 3 shoots)


Arrow Fletching – Standard Vanes
(complete arrow, includes basic 4″, Blazers, VaneTech HP)


Arrow Fletching – Feather
(complete arrow, includes 4″ or 5″ solid color feathers)


Bow String Set Install
(labor cost only, string sets available and quoted upon request)