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Many people research the internet first for local businesses and people read online reviews before making purchases or even visiting. We work hard to make sure your Average Joes Archery experience is a great one and appreciate feedback so we know if that is happening and reviews so others know we are a good place to visit. We are hoping you can take 2-3 minutes of your time to let others know about your experience with us or send us feedback if your experience was not up to par.

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We only expect you to leave an honest review of your experience. Below you will see several places our business is listed. Feel free to review at any one of those places. We cannot stress enough how important your review of our business is to our success. Your review of our business not only lets us know how we are doing, but it also helps others learn about us. We thank you in advance for your time spent sharing how we are doing because without it we would not be as successful as we are.

Have a complaint? If you have a complaint or support issue please use the form at the bottom of the page and the owner (Joe) will contact you as soon as possible to resolve it (if you don’t need to be contacted about it, your name and contact information is not required). If you’d like to leave a positive review, we ask you to submit it to one of the review sites listed below so others can see it as well.

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