Big Buck Raffle results.

And the winners are!  Here are the results from the 2012 Big Buck Weekend raffle.  The raffle was sponsored by Guaranteed Mortgage.  Thanks to everyone for making the first annual Big Buck Weekend a great success.  Stop into Average Joes Archery to pick up your prize. 

  Name Prize
1 Ron Broz Wildlife Clothing Wash
2 Tom Gagnon Therma Cell
3 Eva Wood Can Cooler
4 Robert Berggon Wild Quik-Wiks
5 Todd Luttman Tinks Super Lure
6 Steve Sorgentree Can Cooler
7 Mike Beal Crank Flashlight
8 Bailey Amundson Can Cooler
9 Rod Gaynon Can Cooler
10 Vaughn Nelson Ross Hat
11 Ron Hamrick AJA Beanie
12 Pete Coughlin NAP Bloodrunner
13 Steve Holter Primos XP Hunters Pack
14 Chet Schleman Tinks Super Lure
15 Logan Lenertz AJA Beanie
16 Troy Wood Tinks Stretch Wicks
17 Steve Nauer Primos XP Hunters Pack
18 RJ Olson Primos XP Hunters Pack
19 Andrew Probst Primos Silver XP
20 Doug Benoit Can Cooler
21 Roger Gresens Magnus Bullhead
22 Jerome Stourel Can Cooler
23 Dylan Olson Primos Silver XP
24 Dan Amundson Primos XP Hunters Pack
25 Brennan Amundson Archery Bag
26 Josh Schlaman Can Cooler
27 Kelsey Wood AJA Pink Beanie
28 Rylin Olson Archery Bag
29 Joe Lenertz Archery Bag
30 Travis Ness HME Saw
31 Ryan Wood Wild Quik-Wiks
32 Kris Lenertz Can Cooler
33 Dave Thompson Crank Flashlight
34 Joshua Wagner Archery Bag
35 Tim Schaelin Can Cooler
36 Greg Kottsck Can Cooler
37 Deon Guinn Tinks Stretch Wicks
38 Jim Luttman Can Cooler
39 Chad Bidwell Primos XP Hunters Pack
41 Jeff Olson Can Cooler
42 Cassie Bennit AJA Pink Beanie
43 Riley Bidwell Tacer Nock
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